My name is

What if i were born in a different country?

What would i look like if i grew up in a rural environment or on the streets of a cosmopolitan city?

What if i were under the influence of a different religious culture?

What would i be like if i hadn’t gotten on this train and met this fateful person?


I bring here imaginary stories of my aleter ego.

I was born in one of the latin american countries. I always wanted to be an athlete, a soccer star more than anything. When i turned twenty i emigrated across the border of the usa. Fortunately, successfully. Unfortunately, as an immigrant my possibilities in this country were very limited. Eventually i was glad that i could find a contruction job. I like my job; it’s an honest job, we build homes and offices. But i haven’t given up my sports passion completely; my colleagues from work and i regularly attend soccer games. But i think that the impossibility of fulfilling my dream as well as the impossibility of legally returning to my country makes me sad sometimes.

My home is the western part of europe. Since i was little i used to look for things that were different or deviated in a certain way from the normal. Despite this, i like things that have withstood the test of time and could be used even in present times. Working with a polaroid and working with leather enchanted me. I am a freelance artist who is still looking for ways to make a living this way. I collect my inspiration from the moments surrounding us. Moments we spend with friends or outdoors. All of this has an impact on my work. I hope that in the future i will become a respected artist and that my work will fulfill me.

As a little boy i used to play with girls and their toys. I never considered it to be different, bad or immoral. I felt it sincerely and without pretense. In the same way, i wanted to feel as beautiful as one of these girls.  I already began to wear makeup and dress in women’s clothing. During my adolescence i realized that i was a woman trapped in a man’s body. I did not get full support from my family and therefore i had to disassociate myself from some of them. I did not try to resolve my career path also because of the fact that today’s society is not used to trans-gender people. I hope that i will be able to save enough money for an operation and that i will be happy in my life.

I admit that i like beuatiful things and luxury. This might be due to the fact that i come from an aristocratic family and i always had everything that my heart desired. I am extremely particular about my appearance as well as about what i put on myself. Most certainly, it has to be brand clothing and accessories. I took quite a fancy to asian culture and habits. I took over the company after my father where i am a member of the top management. Since my work is sedentary i like to travel. I’ve travelled almost all over the world and learned a lot. I’ve met many women, but i haven’t met any woman with whom i could imagine spending the rest of my life. At a certain age, people realize that although they can have many material things they will always lack one elementary thing. A loving partner.

I grew up in a poor family in a small village. We did not have a lot but mom and dad always tried to take good care of us. In our village there was always a strong community of people from different ethnic groups. One day my dad was returning home from the local pub, but he never arrived. We found him the next day beaten up in a ditch. After a week in the hospital he died as result of his serious injuries. Later, we found out that he had been robbed and beaten up by members of the local minority. This life experience really marked me. Perhaps this was why i joined the army, because i like cleanliness and order. I think that people who don’t work or bring any benefit to society don’t belong there. I lack good health and because somebody did not like my opinions i had to finish my career as a defender of our citizens. As a former soldier, i could only find work as a night janitor. This job only made my fragile health worse. In the future, i hope that i can find the right path again and join society in a proper way. I hope that people will understand my message and support me.

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