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A wagon lined with artificial grass in the middle of Tyrš’s embankment can seem both bizarre in the desert. It is home to a vulnerable being for whom the fluctuations of the outside world pose a danger. Therefore, he spends time in an artificial, tailor-made environment. It receives messages from the outside through a television set, which constantly spews information – intertwining, interfering, undetectable and yet still strangely repetitive in algorithmic mirroring. Nam June Paikov Buddha for the 21st century.

The old-fashioned device becomes the interface between analog and digital information transmission and the errors that occur in this transmission. The noise and blur of television waves turn into errors in transmission and data and communication between individual carriers of information: whether it is a glitch that damages, resp. changes visual data after a Bad Gateway error message that causes the fatal absence of any information sought. These errors have their specific numbers, but very often, like glitches, they arise in the process of transferring a lot of data or high traffic on a particular information highway.

The capsule created by Richard Kučera Guzmán in T3 – a cultural medium, speaks not only about the agony and claustrophobic situation of the ongoing or imminent lockdown, but mainly about mental isolation, an information bubble that distorts reality. The error rate of information transmission is related to the error rate of their processing, while he perceives these disorders as the basis of deeper defects of thought units, from which we form an image of the surrounding world.

Jana Babušiaková / curator

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