Homo Fraudis

Although I try to be apolitical, sometimes this cannot be avoided. At the beginning I’ve wanted to respond in some way to the social situation in our society. Hoaxes that demagogue, color, and change the real state of things that have happened can be called Hoaxes. These reports are disseminated by individuals, groupings as well as by legislative power.

To demonstrate this demography, I’ve taken the Hoaxes, which came to my email page. I’ve started to write off these emails. I’ve started communicating with my virtual friend Lizzy, who was at a military base in Libya and needed to send me the money she found in a box in Libya. In another email communication, I’ve simulated an interest in a nutritional supplements business, and I’ve joined a group of people desperate for third-party spamming.

I’ve chosen two types of visuals. One is based on the philosophy of the Classicist period, typography and composition are free of the electronic ballast of the present time. I’ve designed a book that in itself raises credibility by its type, paper type and binding.

The second visual has the ambition to depict the visibility of the present. Text is randomly generated without designer intervention, and its content is displayed on an electronic display (tablet). The result is the display of messages that can mislead or evoke different connotations not only in their content but also in their form.

Homo Fraudis

This is “Homo Fraudis” by Richard Guzman on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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