Outside of the Non-White Hypercube

Outside is a space in which everything is possible. We appear in a barbershop, from which we hear the sounds of cheap porn, maybe we look at the toys we played with in our childhood, or we start splashing water bouncing off the surface of the pool. The esotericism of the space in which we find ourselves is determined by the stimuli that reach us.

The genius of loci, as well as the symptomatics of the importance of space and art, is discussed by Brian O’Doherty in his essay Inside the White Cube:
“In the case of art itself, there has been a threefold transformation that gave birth to a new deity. The pedestal thawed so that the viewer found himself on a belt immersed in a wall-to-wall space. When the frame dropped from the paintings, the space began to slide freely along the walls, and turbulence began to form in the corners. ”But what is outside it? Come in.

Performance: Margareta Pia Boťánková

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