Sustainable designer

Contemporary trends in visual arts, designs are returning in cycles. They are subject to constant renewal. In addition to styles, they also have social themes. One of them is sustainability in design. The whole set-up of how a designer should make sustainable design is a very misleading question for me. I think that the graphic designer produces the vast majority of material that usually ends up in the existential concept of the world at best in separated waste.


So what is the result of this consideration? What is sustainable design? What are the tasks of today’s designer in the future? Automation, replacing professions will not avoid even the design industry. The fourth and fifth industrial revolution will gradually replace this profession as well. Should a designer become just as some dictionaries define him as a problem solver?


The installation object is a printer that generates school trends in graphic design. The trends or styles presented by schools are outdated at the time of publication. Therefore, the trend is automatically destroyed immediately after printing and prepared for recycling. The cycle can begin again.

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