The forgotten Slovaks

Slovaks do not live only in Slovakia but also abroad. One of the most vibrant Slovak minority in the world is located in the former Yugoslavia, the territory of Vojvodina in Serbia. These Slovaks fled nearly three hundred years ago from Upper to Lower Hungary, where migrated from religious and economic reasons. Nearly three centuries this community to maintain cultural awareness, traditions and language. A great help in maintaining national integrity was Evangelical Church. It can say that all Slovaks living in this area were Protestant religion. Even the first Slovak schools were in this area church. The local interests Slovak people is covered by cultural institution Matica slovenská in Báčski Petrovec. Presence are Slovaks even in the regional parliament. Unfortunately, the difficult political situation and instability in the area of ​​local Slovaks forcing an exodus back to Slovakia, but also in other countries around the world. In my work, I focused on mapping culture in the Slovak village called Aradáč, which is located near the town of Zrenjanin, where was born my grandmother. Together with her I visited her native land, she saw that places last more than twenty-five years ago. I had the opportunity to peek into the lives of these very nice and wonderful people who did not have a problem to talk and share their life experiences. Through images I captured places and faces of people who are living, working and continue to form the dwindling community that cannot survive the third century of its existence.

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